Known Problems

As mentioned elsewhere, the UDI Reference Implementation is a non-trivial hunk of code that interfaces with deep, dark corners of a number of operating systems and a wide variety of host and add-in hardware. It also serves several potential audiences.

This page is a compendium of known issues and quirks that you may encounter when working with the reference implementation. If you are having trouble working with your copy of the reference implementation, check this page to see if the answer lies here.

If your problem doesn't appear here, check the bugs list for Project UDI to see if the problem has already been reported. If it has, you might want to supplement the problem report if you have additional useful information.

If your problem is does not appear in the buglist and is unique, you now have two choices:

  1. Post a bug to the buglist describing your problem
  2. Post a patch to the patch manager or patchlist describing the fix you found for the problem
Guess which one we prefer...!

General Issues

Linux Issues

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