The UDI Reference Implementation is meant as, well, a reference implementation. Given the diversity of OSes and hardware represented, getting all of them released at the same time is impractical. (If you doubt this, try putting the release of one OS on hold while working out a problem on another.) So we can serve the needs of both those needing a stable development as well as a shared place for further development, we do allow for multiple threads of development in the CVS tree.

The mainline CVS trunk is the "top-of-tree" and on any given day may not be stable on any given combination of OS and hardware but is generally quite stable. It's expected, of course, that anyone disrupting stability will help address the problem for other developers.

In addition to the trunk, branches may be freely created by those with write access to the CVS tree for potentially destabilizing development or when "quiet time" is needed for an implementation. We do ask that branches be listed here. Current list of branches:

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