CVS Process for Maintainers.

A client speaking the SSH1 protocol such as OpenSSH or SSH must be installed on your local client machine. Debugging the installation of SSH is outside the scope of this document, but you'll know it works when slogin gives you shell access.

To check out the UDI Reference Implementation on your local system, execute the following:

export CVS_RSH=your ssh client, probably 'ssh'

If  this if your first time transferring something from as a maintainer, you must login.   You only need to do this once.

cvs -z3 login

Then, do this to check out the code read/write.

cvs -z3 checkout udiref

Checking out the web documentation uses the same basic procedure, but substitute 'udiref' with 'udirefweb' in the cvs command above.

CVS Policies for Maintainers.

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