UDI Binary Kits


Prepackaged UDI environments are available. They may or may not be derived from any given version of the reference implementation.
UnixWare 7   IA32 SCO www.sco.com/downloads
Linux   many STG www.stg.com/udi


We provide prebuilt versions of some of the sample drivers in the reference implementation.   This is to help those bringing up new environments to  help test binary and source interoperability.   The exact contents of these packages are not regularly synchronized with the  CVS tree.   They are meant for testing interoperability.  If you're looking for current example source, you should instead use the CVS versions.

Note:  The initial versions of these packages (populated on Nov 6, 2000) were built by tools that do not correctly suppress the global symbols.   This was a change that went into the 1.01 specification at a very late day.   The packages built on UnixWare 7 are believed to be conforming.  This does not impact the usability of these packages on most systems, but it should be noted that systems subject to name collisions in modules are not afforded the full protection of this issue by conforming UDI environments.   We will revise the packages below when conforming udibuild versions for these others systems are available.
Pseudo IA32 SCO prebuilt/pseudo.udi GIO driver to generate test patterns.  Built on Linux.
CMOS driver IA32 SCO prebuilt/udi_cmos.udi Built on SCO UnixWare 7
DPT IA32 SCO prebuilt/udi_dpt.udi Built on Linux
Osicom 2300 IA32 SCO prebuilt/shrkudi.udi Built on SCO OpenServer 5

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