There have been many people and companies involved with the UDI Reference Implementation to get it this far. Though I'm nervous about trying to pick the most active, here's a list of some of contributors. If you know of anyone that should be included, let's please add them.
Company Individual Secret Super Power
STG Steve Bytnar Linux  kernel environment, Linux Tools.  Ports to non-IA32 Linux.
STG Burkhard Daniel Linux kernel environment, Network and SCSI mapper.
SCO Ajmer Singh DPT driver, UnixWare SCSI Mapper & DMA. UnixWare kernel environment.
SCO Scott Popp Common tools and buffer code.   Udiprops parsing.  UnixWare kernel environment
SCO Robert Lipe PIO, MEI, UnixWare kernel environment.  Firefighter.  Referee.
Sun James Hall Solaris Environment.
Kevin Quick Build process, common tools

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